What's Trending in Wall Art and What's Been Done to Death?

What's Trending in Wall Art and What's Been Done to Death?

When it comes to wall art, trends come and go, and it can be tricky to keep your home decor feeling fresh. Knowing what’s hot and what’s overdone can help you make smart choices. Let’s dive into the latest trends in wall art and highlight those that might be past their prime.

What's Hot in Wall Art?

  1. Line Art Line art is making a big splash. These simple, clean drawings often feature single continuous lines creating abstract or figurative forms. They’re minimal yet expressive, fitting well in modern and contemporary spaces.
  2. Sustainable Art Eco-friendly and sustainable art is gaining traction. This includes prints made from recycled materials or featuring themes of nature and conservation. It’s a great way to make a style statement while supporting the environment.
  3. Digital Art Prints Digital art has opened up new possibilities for creativity. These prints can range from fantastical landscapes to intricate patterns, offering unique visuals that stand out. They’re especially popular among tech-savvy decorators.
  4. Cultural Celebrations Art that celebrates diverse cultures and traditions is increasingly popular. These pieces often incorporate vibrant colors and intricate designs, adding depth and global flair to your decor.
  5. Bold Abstracts Bold abstract art remains a favorite. These prints use strong colors and shapes to create a dynamic focal point in any room. They’re perfect for making a statement without being too specific.
  6. Mixed Media Mixed media art that combines different materials and techniques is on the rise. These pieces add texture and interest, making them ideal for creating a layered, rich look.
  7. Vintage Posters Vintage posters, especially travel and advertising prints, are trending. They bring a nostalgic vibe and can add a splash of color and history to your walls.
  8. Photography Large-scale photography, especially black-and-white or nature photography, is very much in. These prints offer a realistic touch and can make a room feel more connected to the outside world.

What's Overdone in Wall Art?

  1. Keep Calm Posters The "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters had their moment, but it’s time to move on. They’ve become a cliché and lack the originality that fresh decor needs.
  2. Mass-Produced Canvas Prints Canvas prints from big-box stores can feel generic. While they might be convenient, they often lack the unique touch that makes a space feel personal and thoughtfully designed.
  3. Overly Inspirational Quotes While motivational quotes can be uplifting, they’ve been overused. Opt for more subtle or unique text art if you want to include words in your decor.
  4. Animal Heads Faux animal heads dressed in suits or dresses,  have become somewhat passé. 
  5. Gallery Walls Without Cohesion Gallery walls are still popular, but those that lack cohesion can look chaotic. Mixing too many different styles and sizes without a clear theme can be overwhelming rather than stylish.
  6. Chevron Patterns Chevron was all the rage a few years ago, but it’s now seen as dated.
  7. Farmhouse Signs Sorry guys, signs with phrases like "Eat" or "Gather" fit the farmhouse trend, which is waning in favour of more modern and eclectic styles. It’s time to retire these, opt for more contemporary pieces.

How to Keep Your Wall Art Fresh

  • Personal Touch: Choose pieces that resonate with you personally. Art should reflect your tastes and interests, not just current trends.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Invest in a few high-quality pieces rather than filling your walls with lots of cheaper prints.
  • Rotate Regularly: To keep your decor feeling fresh, rotate your wall art periodically. Depending on seasons, I actually move my art around the whole house! This can breathe new life into your space without constant purchases.
  • Mix Old and New: Combine vintage finds with contemporary pieces to create a balanced and timeless look.

At the end of the day, everyone's taste is unique, and this is just my perspective. Ultimately, choose or create the art that genuinely speaks to you. There is so much to be excited about!

Janey x

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